iconmonstr artwork iconWe like handcrafted, we like original. Our lives are a mix of serious business and crazy dreams. Our general preference is to create larger scale works of art – many of our series are 3 ft and larger. Dreamy, colorful and soothing seems to describe it all in three words.

  • One-of-a-kind originals from oil and graphite
  • Masterful digital composites that are ethereal and bright
  • Photo restorations and recreations from your image

Art is a companion for life – we take great pride in spending time with each piece to make it unique and the craftsmanship put into everything we do shows. Check out the galleries and decide for yourself.

Next steps:

  1. Furnish your home or office in new digs!
  2. Go original — send us photo, check out our technique for portraits
  3. Call us for an editorial illustration


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