iconmonstr battery iconPretty logos are only the beginning. If your brand is crying, hiding under a rock or just plain feeling unworthy, it may be time for some creative counseling. We’re here to help.

Bowen Imagery is known for our span of ever-evolving logos and brands for companies just like yours, but the final product is more than just pretty. We pride ourselves in clear communication from the beginning of the relationship, and we always approach brand initiatives from a holistic point of view. In other words, we love to help you succeed and we believe that true understanding of your brand through process development boosts business in an exciting way.

So, what exactly does that mean? Well it means we’re not slapping a ton of gradients on top of cute or edgy and calling it done. Our approach focuses on a branding process geared towards knowing your brand and audience inside and out.

  • We will walk through your vision, mission and core values. If you don’t have them fully developed we have a great process to help you do just that.
  • We’ll ask about your target audience or client – we need to get to know them really well, and if you don’t know it’s where you need to start.
  • The really fun part is developing or fleshing out your brand personality – we’ll have fun identifying the traits and characteristics of your brand.
  • We’ll generally give you several design directions to choose from at this point and we narrow it down til we find the winner.
  • Then – bam! you’ve got a great logo and look, and you will know better than ever where your company is heading and how.
  • A branding guidelines book is included full of useful information about colors and logo usage.

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